Frequently asked questions

Room 161, indicated as HVAC installations and located next the road - can we reconstruct it or at least part of it? Are there any installations we need to keep and where exactly are they located?

Please accept to all rooms indicated for mandatory preservation in Appendix 3 - Capture, the reconstructed is allowed till the main function of the respective room is not impaired and its location and area are generally the same.

There are two risers in the bathrooms. Could you tell us for what you use them? One has an outlet to the corridor and the other is on the side of the shower.

Vertical pipelines with external inspection are for water and sewerage. The Assignor doesn’t have exact information about the function of the other vertical risers in each of the bathrooms, but it is probably air ducts.

According to the terms and conditions of the competition, all architects with full designer capacity or group in which at least one of the members has а full designer capacity are eligible to participate. In this connection, can a participant be a design entity whose legal representative is a working architect?

A participant may be a design entity whose legal representative is a working architect. Under the working architect, it is meant that he will be part of the design team in this competition, not only as a manager of the legal entity.

Should the proposed design value be for the design honorary including all project parts that will be working on the design project? Should it be justified according to the applied methodology and separated by majors /h?

The proposed design value should include the realization of all parts of the work project and should include a list of the project's main items - design honorary, labor, materials ect. The design fee should be valued according to the methodology applied by the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and separated by majors.

Does the maximum total amount of BGN 3 million includes the design honorary, execution and copyright supervision?

The maximum project cost of BGN 3 million is the final total amount for the implementation of the project. Based on the exemplary amount of 2 millions for realisation the honorary is calculated and it includes only the honorary for part architecture and only for the technical and the working phase of the project without author supervision.

Complex Etar is included in the list of momuments with “status of immovable cultural heritage with category of “National significance" on the territory of the Gabrovo District. Does Hotel "Strenopriemnitsa" is part of Complex Etar. Does it also mean that it is in fact immovable cultural heritage?

From a letter of agreement of the National Institute of Immovable Cultural Heritage is clear that Strannopriemnitsa Hotel itself does not have the status of a cultural heritage but falls within the boundaries of Etar Architectural and Ethnographic Complex. EAC Etar represents immovable cultural heritage of national importance and is included in the "List of single monuments of art and architectural ethnographic monuments of culture".